How to finance your new aesthetic device?

Improve your health care menu, attract more customers, increase your turnover … the benefits of a new aesthetic device for an institute are not lacking. However, you are wondering about the best way to finance this purchase. There are actually several relevant solutions that can be combined for quick and easy financing!

Focus on 5 ways to finance your professional aesthetic equipment.




Once you have evaluated the cost of your new aesthetic device, the first thing to do is to talk to your accountant. He / she will be particularly interested in the calculation of the self-financing capacity of your institute. This makes it possible to evaluate the potential cash flow available to a company, particularly in anticipation of a new investment.


To facilitate the analysis of your accountant, do not hesitate to prepare an assessment of the financial benefits of your new aesthetic device in the short, medium and long term.


The bank loan


After your accountant, your banker is the second person to contact when investing in a new professional device. You will present your project and discuss the possibility of making a loan.


To increase the chances of having a loan, it is also advisable to prepare a file including an assessment of the benefits to be expected with your new professional aesthetic device.




Crowdfunding is very fashionable in recent years! It involves soliciting funds from individuals through Internet collection platforms like Ulule. In other words, for example, you can ask your loyal customers for help to finance your new aesthetic device. In return, you « reward » the people who contributed to your crowdfunding campaign by offering exclusive rates, gift products …


To succeed in your crowdfunding campaign, talk around you and do not neglect any communication support.




It is also possible to bet on your loyal customers by offering them pre-bookings. This is a particularly interesting option when buying a new slimming device. This type of device is generally based on convincing results that are easy to promote to customers.


As with crowdfunding, give a maximum of your pre-booking offer. To arouse the curiosity of your customers, do not hesitate to offer a special introductory rate.


An open house


You can go even further than taking pre-bookings with a pre-launch event.


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